Lessons learnt in 2015

As 2015 has come to an end I thought it was only right that I reflect on the past year and see what it’s taught me about life. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt which I have written in second person as I I feel it makes it more personal.  Enjoy!!

Don’t let other people’s perception of you determine who you are- it’s easier said than done. Always stay true who you are as it pays to be yourself. At the end of the day people with a genuine heart   will know and understand who you are and love you for being your authentic self.


You  have amazing fairy angels (people) in your  corner rooting for you – At certain points through the year you may have asked yourself, where is everyone?  Though you will find that just because  you haven’t been in contact for people for a long period of time, it doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about you.  The people you don’t speak to on a regular basis will show up when you really needed them the most. Just because you don’t see them 24/7 it doesn’t mean they’re not there when you need them to help  boost and encourage you.


People come and go – In life people can be temporary, not everyone is meant to be part of your life forever. It’s sad because that’s not how you may planned things out but it’s okay. People come into your life for either a blessing or lesson and a reason or season .It’s not the end of the world. You were okay before you met the person.


No task is impossible for you to do – No one is ever going to ask you to do something that’s out of your ability. Never be afraid to ask for help and ask questions. Where there’s a will there is always a way. If you want something badly enough even if may seem impossible or like an unrealistic goal, You will find a means to get it.



You may be disappointed so always have a plan b- having a plan B is key in life. A wise man (DJ Khaled) once said it’s the key to success.  Just because things haven’t worked out the way you planned if doesn’t mean you should give up. There is always an alternative route. No matter what always keeping going and keep all your options open.

You are in control- happiness, failures and choices are all part of life. Whatever you decide to do just make sure it’s you that made the choice and no one else. At the end of the day it’s your life and no one can tell you how to live it.




  1. Hi Priscilla,
    Thanks for following my blog. Your blog looks very interesting. I love the things that you have learned so early in your adult life – these are really difficult things for many others to understand. Keep up the inspiring work.

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