Wow Beauty

On Wednesday the 27th  of January I attended an amazing event with the team of AfricaFashion which was held at the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. I literally couldn’t wait to get to a computer so I could write about it.

First I must start by saying it is completely amazing to get together with a group of strong influential ladies making a change in today’s society for the better.

The event which was Hosted by Denise Rabor, Founder of Wow Beauty gathered together a multitude of guest speakers which included Marielle Alix – Holistic health, beauty and wellbeing practitioner, Dr Clare Eluka multi-award winning Ethical Beauty Entrepreneur, Michelle Roques O’Neil founder of ROQUES ONEIL, Susie Rogers Hormone and positive Ageing entrepreneur, Yasmine Khan – Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing/ Lifestyle Writer and Antonia Burrell leading skincare expert.

The event was held in a private event space within the hotel located on the lower ground floor. The layout of the room and lighting really helped to create a beautiful Ambience. The atmosphere- All the ladies who attended the event were really friendly and sociable.

The food- Cheese and crackers were among the array of light snacks we had. There was also a large amount of delicious Gluten Free Cupcakes.

photo 4


The Message– Shortly after introductions were made the floor was open for a short question and answer session which felt more like a conversation between us all. When asked what they would tell their younger selves the ladies all had their own individual stories to share. What stood out to me the most is something I recently started to believe myself and I have mentioned in my previous post ‘lessons learnt in 2015’, though not in the exact same words. One of the speakers mentioned and most agreed that not caring about what other think is really important. As in today’s society we can get so caught up in looking and being perfect and caring so much about others opinions of ourselves we try and hide our imperfections and differences so we can be exactly like everyone. This is turn is creating a generation that is sadly looking up to celebrities who have had multiple surgeries done and most of their pictures photo shopped to  ‘perfection’. Rather than owning our own true beautiful selves.


I literally could not stop taking photos as there was so much to capture. We were also given an amazing goody bag with some really cool products which I can’t wait to try out. A blog post about what was inside the bag will follow shortly after this post.

Visit the website   to be inspired!!




  1. So true about everyone wanting to look perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I love my makeup and I love to doll myself up, but MAKEUP does not make ME beautiful… I make me beautiful. But it did take me a long time to look in the mirror and think of myself, inside and out, as beautiful.

    1. aww exactly !! .We are beautiful Makeup doesn’t make us beautiful it just enhances what is already there. Yes everyone learns about their beauty at different stages and for some it can take a while.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading xx

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