My thoughts on Beyonce’s Lemonade

On Sunday the 24th of April I woke up to see a multitude  of Instagram and Snapchat posts about Beyoncé’s New Visual album Lemonade which had premiered in the US on HBO the night before. Being the major Beyoncé fan that I am I had to listen and watch this new long awaited visual album.

After going to church that Sunday the next thing on my mind was how to get access to this visual album. After a thorough internet and twitter search I finally found a link to the album. This link failed me and I left with one option. I had to Sign up to Tidal on a 30 day  free trail of course.( After 30 days that membership will be cancelled) This admittedly has to be the best choice I made that day.

I was so excited and anxious to see this visual album you would have thought I was starring in it myself. Lol. My first impressions of the opening visuals were that they were very artistic, dark and included distinctive imagery. She had certainly put a lot of thought into how she wanted her audience to think and feel. I could see the idea behind the imagery though not all of it makes sense to me even after having it on repeat for a couple days. It was almost as though she has let her fans into a secret realm inside of her mind to a degree.

Image From Hold Up – Image via

With regards to the music I would say this is a completely different side to Beyoncé that myself and most of us have never seen before. My two favourite videos and singles on Lemonade are Sorry and Hold Up. These songs have literally been on repeat all day long.

What really drove me to give my opinion was seeing so many different views and opinions such as that of Piers Morgan and Jameila.  In addition to this was  all the speculation surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage as some of the lyrics make us question if Jay Z Actually cheated on his wife Beyoncé. Whether I personally think Jay Z has cheated on Beyoncé… well who knows? I think Beyoncé is speaking on some of her personal experiences tied together with that of her parents’ marriage and speaking on behalf of all of us women.

Lemonade contains what I would call a combination of very different sounding singles tied together to tell a story. Which may be similar to most albums however what set this album apart is that each song has a powerful message and meaning behind it, with the end goal leaving us feeling empowered and somewhat liberated.

Image from Sorry – Image Via

What I took from the album was Queen B speak up for herself and behalf of many females out their dealing with infidelities  in their relationships and letting them know that you can do something about your situation if you believe you partner isn’t being loyal. Examples of this can be seen in the songs Hold Up, Don’t Hurt Yourself and Sorry. I feel like Beyoncé is saying its okay for us girls to stand up for ourselves in relationships and speak up and take action. The album also includes some videos that make very big political statements such as Freedom and Formation.

I think Beyoncé has shown tremendous growth as artist in terms of this album. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I guess have a different outlook on certain matters regarding it. At the end of the day we should all look at the messages within each video and feel empowered especially us young ladies. Beyoncé deserves every ounce of respect and acknowledgment for her using her talent to uplift us and share our story.

all nigh
Black Girl Magic – Image from Lemonade – Image Via

When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

FYI -I am a HUGE Beyoncé Fan I’ve seen her three times. April 2013 in Birmingham, March 2014, London and flew to Paris in September 2014 for On the Run Tour.


I hope you have enjoyed reading. Please share your thoughts J



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