An afternoon with Acorn Aspirations

On Wednesday the 5th of April I had the pleasure of attending and being a part of a workshop with Acorn Aspirations.

Acorn Aspirations is an organisation that assist teenagers age 12-19 with the skills needed to exceed within creative and entrepreneurial fields. Through a variety of workshops, boot camps and various other engaging activities, they aid in maximising the full potential of teenagers.

Making my way into the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly circus on a busy weekday afternoon, I found solace as I entered glamorous workspace building of Wayra.

CEO and Founder of the organisation Elena Sinel was there to greet me at the reception. I was then introduced to four amazing teenagers Snezana, Arun, Kirsty and Arion.

Programming, application development, digital marketing and digital artistry were amongst the numerous creative skills these teens had. I was truly impressed.

After giving them a brief introduction about myself, what I do and how I got my start in writing, I got to hear more about the projects these four teens had been working on.

During our workshop session which was solely based around blogging and social media, we were able to identify the key factors that play a great role in creating a potentially lucrative blog.

Spending time with Elena and the teens was a great motivation booster as these teens have a great yearning to excel within their chosen career paths. It’s amazing to see how focused they are from a very young age.

I had such an amazing time, this will not be the last of our interactions.

All year round Acorn Aspirations assist teens in reaching their maximum potential. To find out more and how you can become part of a great team visit their website:


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