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ISSA Role Model

Who do you desire to be?

To me, the definition of a role model is person I can identify myself with and

A person I aspire to be like. This may not necessary be focused on their career but just the drive and determination they hold.

To some, a role model is a person they have aligned goals and values with. A person who is in a position they aspire to be in life or a person who is a great example that they wish to emulate.

Who do you desire to be and what are your aspirations? These are two great questions you should ask yourself in order to discover who your own role model is.

What characteristic traits does this man or women have that I greatly admire?

These three questions are paramount in establishing your role model. Focusing on the area of character traits only, I was able to establish that my four roles are the following for ladies and in summary here’s in why:

Teaira Walker (Youtuber/Beauty Influencer) – Extremely positive person, Uplifting and a go-getter

Breeny Lee (Blogger/Digital Influencer)– Bold, Courageous and not afraid to be herself

Alexis Jordan (Singer)– Lives for Christ, family orientated and humble

Ayesha Curry (Chef/Author/Business women) – Authentic person, Genuine soul and Passionate about her work

All of these women Slay in their lane and are successful.I follow these ladies on social media and I can honestly write paragraphs about how much work they’ve done and how I’ve seen them grow in a positive light. To my knowledge, all four women are God-fearing (religious/believe in God) which is important to me. Each of the character traits I’ve listed is just a small summary of the many aspects that make them great.

Though all I’ll say to summarise is that they are honest, hardworking and continue to reach new pinnacles of success on a regular basis. Each of these women are not doing anything out of the ordinary to gain unnecessary exposure within the media.

This is something I greatly admire and why they are my role models.

In addition to the three questions above here’s a few tips you can try to establish who your role models are:

  1. Determine your values
  2. Establish your beliefs (standards/ principles)
  3. Study character. Your own character and the people you watch. (Whether it’s on social media or in real life)

I think it’s greatly important to have a role model as it literally someone positive you can model your life on.

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