5 signs he’s a no-no


At some stage In your life you may meet a guy that seems to have something rather unique about him that you just can’t quite put your finger on. Well, while at first, he may seem like he’s the perfect package. Don’t be so certain. If your on the road to be a girlfriend you won’t have to deal with these 5 signs and he won’t make you question your position. Hear is a small list of the 5 signs he’s a no-no, in other words, a Code Red.

5.He doesn’t pay attention to detail – the early stages of getting to know someone are so important. If you find that you’re always repeating the same small facts about yourself to him, this is certainly an issue. Clearly, he doesn’t care enough about you to pay attention to the littlest things.

PriscillaPower Beyonce

4. You can’t reach him sometimes – “Oh do you know what happened, it’s like its mad like my phone was off. I lost my phone, I looked everywhere and still couldn’t find it”. Which one is it? Did you lose your phone or was It switched off? He’s a liar. The guy you choose to pursue should be reachable most times throughout the day and you should be able to contact him and get a response.

kim PriscillaPower

3. He only hollers when he feels like it – Mr Pop up on you. This guy doesn’t have any great intention of sticking around for a long time. You can even tell by the way he messages you that he’s bored, had some free time and wanted you to be his part time entertainment. Other than when he pops up, you don’t really hear from him during the day.

ghost priscillapower

2. He’s argumentative –This is actually one of my personal pet peeves. If he feels like he always has to be right and won’t even consider your opinion when it comes to decision making about anything big or small, I’m afraid this may be a sign that you have to cut him loose.


pauly d prscillapower


1. He Broke- being broke with no Ambition is a complete deal breaker. In the great words of TLC “We Don’t want no scrub” I’ll Just leave it here.

tlc no scrub prsicilla power

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