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Slay Goddess – An event that’s about to change the game.

“A lot of people speak on women empowerment but I rarely see any change, encouragement, guidance or even gratitude from many of these ladies who are of a better position to help someone Slay Goddess will be that difference and will push as many women as possible.”- Mickella Swaby

When we hear the word Slay we automatically think of Beyoncé. However, when you hear the word Goddess what comes to mind? What immediately comes to my mind a Royal Egyptian Queen. Even if you have a different association for the word, it will still fall in line with the potent message Mickella has for females across the world.

SlayGodess is a brand developed by Mickella from Harlesden, London in 2017. It was created to shine a light on the many forms of beauty there is all over the globe regardless of any hardships they may or may not have faced.

Over the weekend I caught up with Miss Swaby to find out more. Talking about the brand she explained  “I want to showcase the beauty of all types of women no matter their past may have been. Whether they are fat, slim, dark, light. Natural hair or weave. Mascara or lashes… Slay Goddess will represent Women who have excelled at life. The aim is to keep encouraging them to go even further & push them beyond measures. Slay Goddess also stands for the women who may be facing a storm. Reminding them they are destined for greatness.

This is a great mission and even more powerful message. The first step in reaching more people is the Slay Goddess Launch Party which will be taking place in Harrow on the 24th March. This will be a night filled with live performances, food and drink and a catwalk show.

Tickets are available –

I’m looking forward to the show and also being part of it myself. Please get a ticket, bring a friend and come along. 2018 the year of the Slay Goddess!

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