Let’s talk about Mental Health

Sunday 9th of December marked the one-year anniversary of Psycool and to celebrate they put on an event. With not many, if any open spaces to talk about mental health, founder Precious Tawia started this non-profit organisation in 2017 in hopes of changing this. Precious along with several other acts took to the stage to share their own stories healing from their mental traumas.

Suicidal thoughts, depression, the death of a loved one are just a few of the many areas that can affect our mental health drastically. Although we all have our own unique way of coping, how many of us actually talk about it?
Psycool created a warm and comfortable environment for girls and guys to openly express their emotions. Spoken word artist Just Ori, Poetetical’s corners, Rappers Infecta & Souls , Singers Kheri Ann & Ajani kingdom and rapper/poet Deji Vu all took to the stage and captured the audience with their boldness and ability to so openly share their experiences.

Poet 3

A great common trait amongst all acts was their ability to transfer their feelings and pain into incredible expressions of art. Amongst their performances they addressed a variety of topics from growing up with domestic violence, dealing with dark thoughts and battling with low self-esteem.

It was refreshing seeing the many males on stage openly sharing their story. Host Mejo highlighted was that sometimes it’s easy to assume that men are not victims of trauma just as much as female are as our coping mechanism are different. I think it’s important to remember particular that though most males may appear tough they can be just as sensitive as we are.

Poet 2

Though Mojo role was the host for the evening she courageously shared her own personal story. Having dealt with so much from a very young age in life she’s still standing and going strong.
I was reminded that Mental health doesn’t have a look. It’s easy to look at someone and make a judgement about their lifestyle and well-being without knowing any backstory. This statement moved me and reminded me that people who are battling trauma look just like you and me.

Personally, Growing up mental health was not something that was heavy or even openly discussed. I found my own personal ways with coping with my emotions although it would have been amazing to have a space like Psycool to share.

After a brief presentation with statics on mental health in the BAME community Precious bravely shared her story and her reasons behind starting Psycool. After devastating suffering from a miscarriage, she didn’t know where to turn or how best to cope. She poured her pain into this platform and hopes that others can learn to heal healthy on their own time.

The overall message of the event was ultimately urging people to speak out and reminding others that they are not alone.

I also think that one thing to note is that if you’re battling with something you shouldn’t suffer in silence, seek help, talk to someone. For me, it helps to write it out.

Congrats to Psycool and Precious for putting on an amazing event. For more information and or help please follow – @psycoolgram


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