Priscilla Power

Priscilla Power is constantley immersed in all things media related . She is the Former Editor in Chief of Premae Magazine (Issue 4 & 5). Prior to studying a for a joint honours degree in Business and Journalism at Hertfordshire university, her writing was published in Full On Magazine at the age of 16. She then went on to contribute various music reviews and interviews for Live East Magazine.

While studying she also contributed various short articles for a short project ran by Local360 – Media Trust. After graduating from university in 2014 where she obtained a 2.1 in her degree. She then went on to write a variety of articles and research pieces for FRUK Magazine and



FRUK (Fashion Rocker UK) is an online and print magazine covering a multitude of areas such as music, entertainment and lifestyle to name a few. 

Africa Africa Fashion is an online website focusing on issues relating to Africa and highlighted the amazing new developments within the continent.

Premae Magazine – Editor In Chief – In summer 2016 I became the Editor in chief of a Premae Magazine. Premae is an online publication and shopping cart. It is a skincare, lifestyle and health magazine with a target audience of women.My role as Editor in Chief consisted of contacting advertisers, submitting articles and liaising with the 11 contributors, to name a few.

Issue 4 – 

My articles are on the following pages:

Page 22- Best Beauty Buys

Page 29-30 – Self Love

Page 10 – Black Soap

Page 11- How to combat hyperpigmentation

Issue 5 –

Premae Powerlist –


Spotlight First


London 360- Working with London 360 as part of the community channel online was a really pleasurable experience. The main aim of my task with the community channel online was to produce online articles about issues surrounding my local area and neighbourhood.

Full On Magazine -I had the pleasure of having an article I had written for one of my A-Level classes published in Full On Magazine. This article was on teenagers, music and illegal downloading.

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