Current Published Articles

I currently write for 3 media publications.

FRUK (Fashion Rocker UK) is an online and print magazine. I write 2 articles a week covering a multitude or areas such as music, entertainment and lifestyle to name a few. 

Africa Africa Fashion is an online website focusing on issues relating to Africa and highlighted the amazing new developments within the continent. I currently write 1 article a week focusing on the Models Of Africa’s Next Top Model.

Premae Magazine – Editor In Chief – In summer 2016 I became the Editor in chief of a Premae Magazine. Premae is an online publication and shopping cart. It is a skincare, lifestyle and health magazine with a target audience of women.My role as Editor in Chief consisted of contacting advertisers, submitting five articles and liaising with the 11 contributors  to name a few. 

My articles are on the following pages:

Page 22- Best Beauty Buys

Page 29-30 – Self Love

Page 10 – Black Soap

Page 11- How to combat hyperpigmentation

London 360- Working with London 360 as part of the community channel online was a really pleasurable experience. The main aim of my task with the community channel online was to produce online articles about issues surrounding my local area and neighbourhood.

Full On Magazine -I had the pleasure of having an article I had written for one of my A-Level classes published in Full On Magazine. This article was on teenagers, music and illegal downloading.

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